5 terms every CBD user should know in 2019

Scorpion CBD 5 terms every CBD user should know 2019

Whether you are a fairly new or a daily CBD user, it’s good to know these common terms to best fit your CBD needs.

Here are 5 terms that every CBD user should know.

What does Full-Spectrum CBD mean?

Also known as whole plant CBD, Full-Spectrum contains all other cannabinoids found in cannabis as well as CBD. This includes terpenes and essential oils and trace amounts of THC, 0.3 being the highest rate that can be included in CBD products.

What is CBD Bioavailability?

You may hear this term thrown around when asking questions such as “how much CBD should I take?” or “what is the best way to take CBD?” In short, CBD Bioavailability is the percentage, degree, and rate of CBD that is absorbed into your bloodstream. This varies depending on whether you’re vaping or taking CBD orally.

What is CBD Isolate?

CBD Isolate is a chemical component derived from cannabis plants that contain 99% pure CBD retrieved through an extraction process. While some people assume that CBD doesn’t contain THC, trace amounts can still be found in CBD oil. CBD Isolate contains no traces of THC making it a great option for people who absolutely cannot risk failing a drug test.

What are CBD Terpenes?

Terpenes are large and unique organic compounds found in all plants. A citrus scent is caused by the terpenes of an orange, likewise in cannabis, the terpenes of a strain cause it to have an individual fragrance and taste.

So why are CBD Terpenes important?

CBD Terpenes give cannabis and vape oil it’s natural flavor, have medicinal benefits and directly contribute to the Entourage Effect of cannabis.

What is the Entourage Effect?

Similar to how a pianist and violinist work in harmony to create a beautiful song in an orchestra; so do THC and CBD to create a powerful, beneficial effect on your body. The Entourage Effect is what occurs when different cannabis compounds combine to create a more powerful effect then what they produce on their own. With all of cannabis’s health benefits, it should be seen as a vegetable, not a plant. To further enjoy and amplify the benefits of CBD, we made it easier for you by offering these fantastic CBD packs that you can pick up here. 

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