MAJOR PRICE REDUCTION - $595,000 to $495,000 This is a very clean aircraft, always US owned with all records since new and no known damage history. The initial fiberglass exhaust portion is susceptible to cracking that made stainless exhausts another favored option. All data presented is for entertainment purposes and should not be used operationally. Features - The first turboprop designed by Cessna - Pressurised cabin NDH. The Conquest is positioned at the top end of the turboprop market in performance; however, its modest price, low fuel consumption, and low operating costs make it competitive across the entire market of full-sized executive aircraft. Well-maintained 441s maintain their value well, according to aircraft valuation publisher Vref. The aircraft can also be installed with an Avidyne/S-TEC Alliant integrated glass panel system. The first turboprop designed by Cessna, the Cessna Conquest II was meant to fill the gap between their jets and piston-engined aircraft. There are a few reasons this might happen: To regain access, please make sure that cookies and JavaScript are enabled before reloading the page. IL based. Cessna’s 441 Conquest II started life in 1977 known simply as Conquest. The average operator flies about 294 hours a year. Pressurized, 8-9 passenger turbine is a development of the Cessna 404. The 441 is the larg-er of the two; the other is the Model 425 Conquest I. Garmin equipped w Collins APS65 Autopilot.. 9110TT, 1261 & 1373 SOH, 959 SPOH 4 bld. Looking for a new or used Cessna Conquest? The 441 has the capacity for 1-2 pilots and 8-10 passengers. The pilot, together with the flight nurse and the paramedic were fatally injured. However, the Arab oil embargo in 1973 and the persisting demand of competing turboprop aircraft prompted the company to convert two of its piston twin aircraft into turboprops. The Conquest II has a cabin length of 3.9 meters, a height of 1.3 meters, and a width of 1.4 meters. Cessna reengineered the entire tail, significantly beefing it up and retrofitting the fix to all existing airframes. It was a development of the Cessna 404 Titan. More important is that Cessna had reached the end of the line for all turbo-prop products except for the single P&WC PT6 powered Caravan. In 1986, a Pratt and Whitney PT6A-112 turboprop-powered aircraft was flown but was not able to get into production. The Mitsubishi MU-2 B-60 has a similar fuel burn and speed but flies lower. The 441 has executive seating for seven, although you can cram in nine passengers; it also has a top speed of … photo: Tomás Del Coro The 441 Conquest II was purposely produced to fill the gap between Cessna’s jet and piston engine aircraft. Additional information is available in this. In 1983, the manufacturing company renamed the Model 441 as the Conquest II. The aircraft equipped with -10engine has considerably increased its climb rate and improve cruise speed at altitude. Retrofits are mainly the Rockwell Collins APS-65 or the S-Tec 2100. The Cessna 441 Conquest II was Cessna's first turbo prop aircraft. $895,000 to $1.5 million turboprop-powered aircraft of Cessna. You've disabled cookies in your web browser. The Cessna 441 is a turboprop-powered pressurized development of the Cessna 404 Titan . The 441 went out of production in 1986-the year of general aviation's modern nadir-after 362 were built. The aircraft has retractable tricycle landing gear and on takeoffhas a ground roll of 1,785 ft (544 m). Asking Price 999,000. Developed from the Cessna 404 Titan, the Cessna 441 Conquest II was designed to fill the gap between Cessna’s piston engine and jet aircraft. Cessna 441 Conquest Aircraft Information. The Conquest is powered by two turboprop engines. any 441’s were actually built in 1986 or whether they were actually inventory built in 1984 or 1985 and carried forward. Due to variance in parts needed & condition of engines, it's impossible to quote avg price. Most of the fleet has been upgraded to Garrett TPE331-10 engines because of the excellent performance and maintenance intervals. As the chart displays, fixed costs are spread over more hours, the more you fly up to the point where additional crew will be required. This aircraft is listed for $895,000, the average historical price for aircraft like this is $1,066,111. It is the first turboprop-engine aircraft designed and manufactured by Cessna in the 1970s. Blog posts that mention the Cessna 441 Conquest II: The initial design from 1972 for the Cessna 441 Conquest II was designated as the Model 435. He tested many of his planes before moving to Wichita, Kansas, due to bankers refusing to give him money to build more planes. 1975 Cessna 421B. You're a power user moving through this website with super-human speed. eleven-seat light turboprop corporate aircraft with retractable landing gear produced by the US-American manufacturer Cessna Aircraft Company. A full upgrade in avionics incorporates SiriusXM satellite weather radars for full coast-to-coast coverage without altitude limitations, RVSM altimeters, Global Positioning System (GPS), and Terrain and Traffic Collision Avoidance System (T2CAS) that provides avoidance alerts based on the Conquest II’s ability to climb. Performance . It cost a bit under $900,000 equipped. The fuselage diameter is 1.6 meters, the wingspan is 15 meters, and the wing area is 23.56 square meters. In 1986, the Model 435 powered by Pratt and Whitney PT6A turboprop engines took its maiden flight. NDH. Its inception was marred by tragedy when tail failures prompted the FAA to ground the fleet—twice. Almost as soon as the Conquest started flying, however, disaster struck. It can take off and land at a distance of 1,341 meters and 890 meters respectively. It In a situation reminiscent of the dilemma JetStar owners face, a substantial number of Cessna 441 Conquest II twin turboprops could be grounded come … The airline transport rated pilot and two passengers were fatally injured, and the airplane was destroyed. The company first produced turboprops in the 1970s with the Conquest twin-engine aircraft. Operating Costs . That’s about 124 percent of its original retail price. The aircraft has a maximum takeoff weight of 4,467 kg, a maximum landing weight of 4,245 kg, a maximum payload of 1,039 kg, and a fuel tank capacity of 475 US gal. Founded in 1927, Cessna became a Textron Aviation brand in 2014. Operators of Cessna 441 Conquest II twin turboprops must comply with a life limit of 22,500 flying hours, and several of the aircraft have been grounded. Interested in buying this aircraft click here! A prototype the same with the 441, the Model 435 was intended to be powered with GTSIO-520 engines by Teledyne Continental Motors. Cessna Aircrafts For Sale: 135 Aircrafts - Find Cessna Aircrafts on Aero Trader. The Cessna 441 Conquest ll was the first turboprop powered by Cessna and filled the gap between their jets and piston engine aircraft. The King Air B200 has a roomier cabin but 200 nmi (370 km) less range, a slower cruise and higher fuel burn. Cessna was founded in 1927, but its history began before that when farmer Clyde Cessna built and flew his own aircraft in June 1911. The three-blade propellers were converted to four-blade Hartzell propellers that yield 2.5 inches more ground clearance, decrease noise in the cabin, improve the rate of climb, and increase the airspeed. In 1984 it introduced the Caravan high-wing single engine turboprop for cargo and executive use, and is currently developing the low-wing single engine Denali utility turboprop The higher aspect-ratio wing also boosted fuel capacity to 475 usable gallons. Serial Number 079 Registration # N900MS Total Time 7,644 We feature Cessna 441 Conquest II for sale by aircraft brokers around the world. Get Insurance Operating Costs Apply for Financing The initial autopilots installed on the aircraft were still being used by most of the Conquest IIs; however, the last twenty aircraft produced were installed with Sperry SPZ500s to provide better assistance for the pilot and to reduce workload. The powerplant is also equipped with three-bladed propellers. The empty weight is 5488 lb (2489 kg) and the gross weight is 10,165 lb (4611 kg). Quick Air Jet Charter Cessna 441 Conquest II, Cessna C 441 Conquest Lake Central Airways. On August 19, 1977, it was awarded the Federal Aviation Administration type certification. As part of the continuing product safety process, Cessna looks at data from test articles and from field reports regarding the structural integrity of its aircraft. We carry the highest quality aircraft at the best price. There were 362 Conquest II produced from 1977 to 1986. On August 19, 1977, the Model 441 received its Federal Aviation Administration type certificate. It has a wingspan of 15.04 meters and a wing area of 23.56 square meters. Cessna Conquest II -10 Operating Costs. Description Cessna’s Conquest II is one of the more easier transitions from multiengine to turbine power aircraft for an instrument-rated pilot. Several operators had made the switch when Reduced Vertical Separation Minima (RVSM) altimeters were installed which were required for an aircraft to fly above 28,000 feet. Come visit us online at and see our huge inventory, you won\'t be disappointed ! Upgraded versions into -10s have a maximum thrust of up to 1,000 shaft horsepower compared to the older -8 engines flat rated to 635 shaft horsepower. In 1986, Cessna evaluated a follow-on, economy version of the 441, powered by PT6s. In 1983, the aircraft was renamed as the Conquest II. A third-party browser plugin, such as Ghostery or NoScript, is preventing JavaScript from running. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. General Information. By then, the price of a new one had risen to $1.795 million. It has an exterior length of 11.9 meters, an exterior height of 2.2 meters, a tail height of 4 meters, and a fuselage diameter of 1.6 meters. It has a maximum speed of 300 knots at 16,000 feet, a climb rate of 2,435 feet per minute, and a 2,194 nautical mile range. ... 1980 Conquest II 441 - $899,000.00 Garmin equipped w Collins APS65 Autopilot.. 9110TT, 1261 & 1373 SOH, 959 SPOH 4 bld. 1980 CESSNA CONQUEST II 441 - $899,000. Developed in 1974 and delivered in 1977. The Conquest II can fly up to 35,000 feet with a cruise speed of 295 knots. Cessna Aircrafts For Sale: 135 Aircrafts - Find Cessna Aircrafts on Aero Trader. The price of performance. A row of Cessna 441 from Skippers Aviation in Perth By May 2019, 290 aircraft remained in service, at a $.75-.9M value down from $1-1.9M in 2011. The Conquest is powered by two Garrett TPE331 turboprops powering two four-bladed McCauley propellers. It can accommodate up to nine passengers in flight. The 441 Conquest II was purposely produced to fill the gap between Cessna’s jet and piston engine aircraft. Each engine produces a maximum thrust of over 300 horsepower. 1975 CESSNA 421B, Multi Engine Piston, Cessna 1975, 421B, S/N 0831, 6210.4TT, 724.32 SMOH, 119.32 SPOH, Garmin 347 A/P. It is the first turboprop-engine aircraft designed and manufactured by Cessna in the 1970s. Later models were designed with lighter weight four-bladed propellers by McCauley. The Conquest II has a length of 11.89 meters, a height of 4 meters, and a fuselage diameter of 1.6 meters. A 441 with Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-112 turboprops was flown in 1986but did not enter production. Passenger and baggage amounts can greatly effect the performance of an aircraft since minimum runway lengths, range and speed are all effected by its weight.Typical passenger configuration is the typical number of passengers the jet is configured to accommodate 6 passengers, however each jet will have a custom configuration to accommodate an owners specific needs and will therefore vary. Jet Charter . The engine is a single-shaft turboprop with integral gearbox, two-stage centrifugal compressors, reverse annular combustor and a three-stage axial turbine. It is a six-cylinder, horizontally opposed engine with an overhead valve train, TCM fuel injection, and an air-cooling system. 1980 = 441-0175 thru -0204 1981 = 441-0205 thru -0277 1982 = 441-0278 thru -0311 1983 = 441-0312 thru -0333 1984 = 441-0334 thru -0344 1985 = 441-0345 thru -0357. The Conquest offers a flight range of 2060 nautical miles, and can offer good access to smaller airports. Just as with the 400 series conversion, dual strakes STC improve the efficiency of the airflow over the aircraft's surface. The average price of the Conquest II is $1,250,000. Cessna made numerous enhancements on the Conquest II. Internal baggage capac… Cessna 411 Aircrafts For Sale: 0 Aircrafts - Find Cessna 411 Aircrafts on Aero Trader. Its first flight was in … On February 22, 2018, at 1939 eastern standard time, A Cessna 441 Conquest II airplane, N771XW, impacted terrain following a loss of control in Rossville, Indiana. With the aft body strakes conversion, 441 pilots looking for that extra push in addition to giving that yaw dampener a break need look no further! The Cessna 441 Conquest II is a twin-engined max. Search. The Model 435 has the same dimensions as the 441 Conquest II. cessna 441 series strakes . Deliveries of the aircraft began in September 1977. With a range of approximately 2,200 nautical miles and a relative low cost, the Conquest II was an unparalleled aircraft in its time. Unfortunately, the prototype was not a success and did not enter production.