Can't save Fallout 2 with Restoration Project . then talk to him again. Need Help, Jet problem (fallout 2) Discussion in 'Fallout RPG Gameplay & Tech' started by Sonders, Jan 28, 2007. 1.2 Elder dies peacefully 2 Modoc 2.1 1. Its gameplay is much improved compared to the previous game and it has better writing to boot, certainly making it way more fun and replayable than the original. Repair the rattling vent to get a free goodie. Troy is a quest in Fallout 2. Deliver a sample of jet to Dr. Dr. Troy - $1000. Enter the Vault and chat with Phyllis and Dr. Namiesto séra dostanete tento perk ktorý pridáva +10 % k odolnosti voči jedu a radiácii. Modoc disperses due to drought 3 The Den 3.1 1. 35:40. There’s no police force or mayor in the town. The test is a comprehensive exam, testing, among others, advanced mathematics, spatial relations, deductive reasoning, and language comprehension,1 ending with a thorough physical examination that includes checking vitals and the presence of communicable diseases.2 Thomas … red255 11 years ago #2. The bags provide 40% bonus, but won't help with skill checks. Doctor Troy: $ 1000 - 1500 2 Jet antidote after 3 months 500 - 750 XP 2 Jet antidote after 1 month $ 250 - 500 every week You die if Troy heals you Solve the Gecko powerplant problem. Then if your Doctor skill is at least 80%, you'll be able to engage Dr. There's a mountain of content that was cut, with only a modest amount actually left in the game. Nightsolo's Fallout 2 Walkthrough. Vault City Inoculations: If you are radiated and poisoned and talk to Dr Troy he does something for you and you get this perk which gives you resistance. Assisting Dr. 32:36. This page is an unauthorized addendum for " The Nearly Ultimate Fallout 2 Guide" which was written by Per Jorner. It's a list of the more important or more commonly asked about bugs.-Boxing in New Reno will no longer lock up the computer. Gary47: 10: 1/29/2017 : Combat Implants with 2 Chr? I snuck in a jet and spoke to that doctor in the vault. First Citizen Joanne Lynette Harold: 4000 XP Vault City Citizenship Next quest: 4250 XP Vault City Citizenship Next quest 4500 XP Quest data; Location: Vault City - Vault 8 medical center: Given By: Troy: Reward: $1000-$1500 0-750 XP Jet Antidote: Related quests; Find some endorphin blockers to make a cure for Jet. Troy is gone! Troy … Deliver a sample of jet to Dr. 1 Introduction; 2 Requirements; 3 Steps; 4 Reward. 2.1 Interactions overview; 3 Inventory; 4 Appearances; 5 References; Background. so, I have Steam version of the game on Windows 10 and game just says it's unable to save, I have no such problem without Restoration Project. Anyone ever experience this? Contents. Check the medical databases for possible info on combat implants (way cool). Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Sonders First time out of the vault. One can get the fuel cell controller from Gecko.You need to trade with the mechanic ghoul named Skeeter, who can be found in the Junkyard.He will ask you in dialogue to trade him a super tool kit for the fuel cell controller.Before leaving, however, search for some pliers in Skeeter's workshop. Troy. Notes: This walkthrough assumes you have read the manual (available on the game CD) This walkthrough assumes you want your hand held through everything, while still being good. Phyllis is the Resident Medical Assistant of Dr. 3 comments. Troy by aulddragon. Deliver a sample of jet to Dr. 1 Arroyo 1.1 Arroyo re-settled using G.E.C.K. 11. 21. Troy for a few months before being re-assigned here. He required that I be fluent with the Vault City medical database.} FeignFegin 11 years ago #1. so ive heard there is a quest that you can receive in vault city to start up an antidote to get rid of jet addiction. Troy with a Doctor skill of at least 75% will present a dialogue option to introduce yourself as a fellow physician curious about the much-vaunted Vault City medical methods, leading to the cost-free accrual of the Vault City Training perk. This thread is archived. My memory is fuzzy, but I think it is a 75% skill check for dialogue in Vault 8 (Vault City) with Dr. Welcome to my Fallout 2 guide/walkthrough. Troy in Fallout 2. Fallout 2; Jet Addiction Quest? I'm playing the Steam version of Fallout 2 with the v1.02.28 Unofficial Patch, High Resolution Patch and Restoration Project 2.3.3. It is also possible to visit an NPC doctors to remove debuffs. This is NOT a complete list. 30. I'm wandering from place to place in The Den, selecting a destination far enough away that I can't see my character, when suddenly the game goes into combat mode, and I'm under attack. In Fallout 2, the clinic houses the city's premier medical facilities, including cloning technology for replacement limbs. The Swapper - Gone Home - Fallout 2 - Fallout Tactics - Pandora: First Contact/Eclipse of Nashira - The Elder Scrolls: ... {183}{}{I was a servant to Dr. Prídte k nemu buď ožiarený alebo otrávený. Get car part for Smitty is a quest in Fallout 2.. Walkthrough. He's been too busy to look into it recently, but the next pregnancy cycle is coming up, so…" "Hey, didn't you say something about donating? Fallout 2 — Part 67 - Taking Down the Families by aulddragon. The families mostly keep the peace and send any troublemakers to Golgotha just south of town. The outskirts of the city are rather destitute but the walled inner-city is flourishing. Troy. Or maybe a magazine or something?" Please refer to Per's walkthrough above for everything else. Troy is a young nurse, Phyllis, who can provide some insight into how Vault City functions. How do i start it up . {184}{}{"Fluent?" Jan 28, 2007. by mistake i use a canister of jet instead of a stimpack, and i got addicted the first shot i used it. For Jet addiction, you need an antidote--the rest just take time. kendokas: 3: 9/11/2017: MI88 Megamod: SoIidLegacy: 5: 5/28/2017: Crashes during Become a Prizefighter. give jet to dr troy in vault city and wait 3 months. This patch is upgrades Fallout 2 to the latest version. Martin, a slack-jawed man with an eye tic, is a Vault City slave that can be found and spoken with with in Fallout 2. save hide report. . Troy Discussion in ' Fallout RPG Gameplay & Tech ' started by Guest , Jun 9, 2002 . I think there's no other way but keep trying to heal every limb with your doctor skill. I can still talk to them at a distance however. Troy Cena za perk: mať aspoň 85% Doctor skill+ byť Citizen (Občan) Valout City inoculations Vo Valout City vo valoute je Dr.Troy. Talk to Dr Troy with a Doctor skill of at least 75%. Modoc is razed after war with Slags 2.2 2. Troy respectively. The Den disperses 3.2 2. Získa sa od: Dr. Back to Fallout 2. Troy (first level of the vault) in conversation as a fellow doctor. The enhancements give you -1 charisma. Fallout 2 side quest. User Info: FeignFegin. This walkthrough assumes you have installed the Restoration Project mod v2.3.3 "Area" or "map" or "screen" means a sub section of a city or building or base or whathaveyou, i.e. The citizens have developed an elitist attitude to outsiders and only citizens of Vault City have access to certain areas. If you have a good lockpick skill, this level is a bazaar of riches. There’s also the Stables north of town where Jet was developed by a boy-genius called Myron. Chems in "Fallout 2" can boost your stats, heal damage or restore Action Points, among other useful effects. She is a competent nurse, working with Dr. I am trying to get rid of my Jet addiction for awhile now, but the one quest I want to do is the one in Vault City, the guide says I have to have 75% and above doctor skill to talk to Dr.Troy in Vault City, but I did and yet the my character does not have the dialoge option about the Jet drug at all. r/classicfallout: Your fallout community for the early games, Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of steel, or Van Buren. Other interactions 编辑. Back to Fallout 2. Home › Forums › Game Help › Fallout RPG Gameplay & Tech › [FO2] Dr. Posted by 5 days ago. [Fallout 2]Some NPC's turning hostile in Vault City if I get too close. That turned out to be quite an undertaking, but on the other hand, as far as I'm concerned Fallout 2 is the best computer game ever made.. The Fallout 2 Restoration Project v2.3 Supplementary Guide for killap's expansion pack . 9 comments. This guide exists because I realized that if I wanted the kind of complete Fallout 2 guide that I envisioned, it pretty much meant writing it myself. Modoc disperses after Slags' destruction 2.3 3. Jape_Ape: 2: 5/25/2017: Fallout 2 - HELP! Are you jinxed nad unlucky or something? Troy. Dr. Once you're addicted to a chem, going long enough without taking any of it will trigger withdrawal symptoms, which can inflict severe penalties. However, many chems also carry a risk of addiction. Vault City is a high-tech area of the wasteland and the only area that seems to have access to a working GECK. Modoc flourishes 2.4 4. Deliver a sample of jet to Dr. I've never really had any problems with either one. Can he legally ask you to do that to a computer?} I'm a citizen now, so…" "Can I get a hand here? Getting this quest may depend on you already knowing about Redding's Jet problem. Press J to jump to the feed. Speaking with Dr. Need help! The Den flourishes 3.3 3. save hide report. 10. New Reno is a large town with four families striving for power, the Mordinos, Bishops, Wrights and Salvatores. Contents. Only new information about changes and additions specific to killap's Restoration Project Mod is included here. 100% Upvoted. If you go to Gecko or get citizenship in vault city you can get healed by Lenny or Dr. -The Dice Game will give you winnings.-The Lloyd quest in New Reno will not lock the computer.-Talking to Tandi about the Vault 15 quest will not lock the. The Den becomes raider central 3.4 4. He'll give you a … share . Greyslayer1976: 3: 9/27/2016: Crashes at green exit grids: Bearprint: 4: 9/27/2016: My method for killing Manson without angering Broken Hills. Vault City Training is a special perk in Fallout 2. 1 Background; 2 Interactions with the player character. Troy, in VC's vault categorically refuses, saying that the surgery is too risky and doesn't provide a sufficient boost over regular combat armor, but since you can get the guy in the courtyard to do it, instead, it's no great loss. Troy and maybe the nearby medical computer (for Jet cure and Strength mod chip info?). 1 Background 2 Interactions with the player character 2.1 Interactions overview 2.2 Quests 3 Inventory 4 Behind the scenes 5 Appearances 6 References Born in 2216, Phyllis is an attractive woman with a lithe figure and the ever-present, faint aroma of antiseptic about her. User Info: red255. So Far, i have visited all villages and towns up till Reno, got the Perk for gecko skinning, but i have still no armor and I´m running out of bullets, without a way to buy new ones. Fallout 2 is an RPG and the sequel to Fallout. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Troy. Po liečbe požiadajte o sérum na zvýšenie imunity. I hadn't been to Vault City in a few months in game and now some Vault city NPC's like Dr. This perk unlocks a dialogue tree to receive Vault City Inoculations the next time the player asks Dr Troy to remove poison or radiation. Troy and the people in the Tap Bar turn hostile if I get too close to them. I started Playing Fallout Nevada, which is a pretty nice Mod for Fallout 2. Head down to the second level. Did nothing. +5% to Doctor and First Aid. Pretty good experience so far, but I´m struggling with getting equipment and money. Edit: got it. Fallout 2 by ddegenha ‹ Part ... Maybe I should mention it to Dr. Fallout 2 — Part 66 - Talking to Dr. share. The citizenship test is a standardized examination available to all who want to obtain the citizenship of Vault City.