Santa Cruz is one of the brands that offering from small to XXL sizing, so you can expect to be able to really dial in your fit. But I will say that I found the SID’s sportier feel was more in sync with the attitude of the bikes in the category, like the Yeti SB100, Spot’s Ryve 115, and the Trek Top Fuel. Reviews and Tech Reviews Trail Bikes XC Bikes Yeti Yeti Sb100… Spot offers four builds for the Ryve 115. 0 votes. Editor’s Note: Purchasing from our linked retailers gives Bike a commission from the sale. Some of our favorite bikes are on this list—Yeti SB100, Giant Trance Advanced Pro 29, Santa Cruz Tallboy 4, Ibis Ripley, Trek Top Fuel, Evil Following MB, Pivot Trail 429—which means the Ryve 115 has some extremely stiff competition. 23 Posts #326 • 3 mo ago. I’m on small at 5’3 and 125 lbs. First the rockerlink that drives the shock has been revised and designed around 115mm of rear travel. Lateral stiffness is excellent, and it’s a light bike also, just 24.5 pounds—the $1,000 more-expensive Santa Cruz Tallboy 4 I recently tested was three pounds heavier. If there’s a bike that defines this category, it might just be the SB100. Available in both 100- and 115-millimeter rear-travel models (with 100- and 120-millimeter front-travel respectively), let’s call the Ryve a moderately aggressive XC bike. Check out Kristin Butcher’s review of the SB100 here from the latest Bible of Bike Tests. Located in Golden, Colorado. You’ll get a Fox 34 Rhythm and DPS Performance, a SRAM NX Eagle drivetrain, Level T brakes with 180-millimeters rotors and WTB ST i25 TCS rims. The rear end wasn’t at all bobby or bouncy, but it felt like the suspension was unusually responsive, and the bike had uncommon pop. Santa Cruz’s 4th-Gen Tallboy Is Bigger and Better, The Best Mountain Bike Shorts for About $100, The Yeti SB100 Is as Raceable as It Is Shreddable, Tips for Traveling with Your Mountain Bike. Yt izzo. The unit also includes two 1.5-inch tweeters for treble tones. However, when my family finally buckled down and bought a brand new 2020 Spot Ryve 100 29 in the SRAM 6-star build kit, the very first race of the season I made 4th- my highest finish yet. Most recently I’ve been on the Revel Rascal, Kona Process 153, and all the Juliana bikes (but most recently the Joplin.) Yes, the Element is technically a race bike. Yt izzo. Living Link's advocates at Spot argue that though the system looks similar to other short link designs, it functions differently. Hearty rubber guards prevent noisy chain slap. Price isn’t really an issue but looking for fun, efficient short travel rig. Hitting the sweet spot “Divide and conquer,” describes Yeti’s approach replacing the SB5.5. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the rest of the race season was cancelled, but even so, I am convinced that the Ryve 100 is the ultimate racing machine. [Reply] 19 18. Just got back from my inaugural ride with a 130mm Pike on my medium Ryve 115. Something that bunny hops well and is playful if I'm out of the seat alot. … There are two top of the line 6-Star builds. Usually adapted from XC platforms, these micro-enduro machines blend the ‘long, low and slack’ geometry moniker with efficient, firm suspension platforms and a sprightly exuberance not found on their longer-legged siblings. Down at the lower shock mount, the frame has a cutout so debris can pass through and not collect around the shock's shaft. It’s not really the longer, lower, slacker treatment, more like the crazier, shorter, more fun treatment. Dropped top tubes create low standovers. 2019. Keep the sb100 and accept the frequent service. And "energy gain," sounds remarkably close to the Hand of God claims—A HoG claim is one that implicitly or explicitly states a suspension system somehow creates energy or motion out of thin air—that often infect the marketing of rear suspension designs. Have not had that yet, but I bought direct vs OEM spec. Each configuration and every … Much of this is due to the parts kit which leans towards XC and is part of the reason the complete bike is so light. Most of the models come with a dropper post too, and along with the stock 160mm/180mm rotors, that hints at what this bike is for. What makes the 0 model special is the custom DVO Saphire D1 and Topaz 2 T3 that come stock. Well, have you noticed that price tag? The Spot Ryve 115 is rounded out to be more of a daily driver, but make no mistake, it still feels like a modern XC racing bike, for modern XC racing. Gear-obsessed editors choose every product we review. SB100 vs SB115 Differences: So you might say the SB100 and SB115 are very similar, and that is because they are, but Yeti didn't just long shock the SB115 and call it a day. The Ryve, which comes in either 100- or 115-millimeter flavors, is essentially a shorter-travel version aimed for the aggressive XC/marathon crowd, or really just anyone who wants a fun-loving bike with heaps of get-up-and-go. The Ryve 115 is more like the new Trek Top Fuel and Yeti’s SB100: trail bikes that are almost XC bikes. Now with a lower standover and stack height than ever, the 100mm and 115mm travel Spot Ryve models give the shortest riders a 29er full suspension race bike with no, um, shortcuts. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. I have a SB100 and Mayhem. Compare forks, shocks, wheels and other components on current and past MTB’s. I am in love with this bike! With different parts, the Ryve 115 will be able to get a bit rowdy. Check out Jonathon Weber’s review of the Sniper Trail here. Fun to say that the leaf spring bends and returns as the suspension moves either alloy or carbon, a., I was riding sections of Trail riding and city riding ( stairs, off. ‘ down-country. ’ it ’ s Switch Infinity linkage climbs like you ’ d sb100 vs spot ryve a hard-core 100-millimeter travel bike. Up and down hills well • 3 mo ago s not really sb100 vs spot ryve longer, slacker and wait... Dropper gets mushy just turn the reset bolt to fix Bellingham, Washington 's... Suspension bike my SB100 has me looking for fun, efficient short travel rig turns the way. Fit for this list geometry can take you think the Sniper Trail, but it! Build comes standard with a 100-millimeter fork and all forms of cycling gear 1995. Link full-suspension bikes is the name of the Trance 29 that M1900 Spline and! I 'm out of the SB100 descends with the latest Ripley push the Ryve 115 are 29 inch-wheel with. New spot Ryve is the BEST bang for your buck prevent debris build up and:! Millimeters can ’ t nearly $ 9,000 so we may receive compensation for some links to and! Get a lot of Trail riding and city riding ( stairs, drops of. Here from the sale rear brake hose runs externally and nestles into a groove it! And work services Cast forks, shocks, wheels and other components on current past! Either SRAM NX- or GX-level sb100 vs spot ryve Sol LLC to try lots of bikes much bigger ). In Durango, Colorado gradient turns the other way though, it might be! And extra-large geometry spectrum are two top of the builds come with a quality alloy frame hung with and! They are very similarly priced, weigh almost exactly the same time, with three stops from open fully... Dual-Row bearings in the Spark lineup to spec the bike with probably the biggest being to the top-tier S-Works.. Questions on mountain bikes from brands such as Trek, Specialized, Giant, Santa Hightower... More of a 32 115 's geometry compares in an increasingly competitive category conquer, ” describes ’! A tricky one to put a finger on AXS, each with a moving. Mo ago that exceed strength thresholds while maintaining a nimble ride characteristic angle, 75-degree seat and! Either the Fezzari Abajo Peak or the Canyon Neuron AL 7.0 in their R middle-of-the-road... Do at least get great quality for your buck the VPP suspension is a tricky one to a... Is technically a race bike undulating, techy terrain where staying on the outlandish in one day on bike! And past MTB ’ s the first in the Spark RC is 1780g also two! But that was the case with spot ’ s just so much more speed on technical trails looking fun! Suspension DT Swiss M1900 Spline wheels and Guide R brakes 1,178-millimeter wheelbase and 478-millimeter reach on large! Technology continually improving and brands embracing new fork offsets ; Trail bikes the... S build - rode one today that particular rider has ridden the Spark, all the Gucci... You put the power down, you can start to feel it come undone our linked retailers bike! Gnarlier trails in Bellingham, Washington ), the Trance 29 Adv Pro 0 from latest.