I expected a rather shallow comedy, but instead, received a well-thought out and delivered work which was insightful, quirky, funny and touching film which was far above my expectations. I didn't think so. Top 5 Best/Worst: Top 5 Best Nicolas Cage Performances. If you are bound and determined to watch it go download it. But if you enjoy European flavored cinema and movies which project life through a slightly surreal philosophical prism, surely this Weather Man will make your day…Sunny and Clear! Verhaal. “This is the only thing I got, is just what I got on.” Only "The Weather Man" makes a dog's dinner of that particular genre, if that's indeed what they were going for. Just to hear Sir Michael Caine use the expression "camel toe" is pretty unexpected. And Nick if you ever read this...just because Adaptation was a good movie doesn't mean you have to keep using voice-over in every movie you take! The full newscast can be seen at https://www.witn.com/livestream The film is also extremely funny and on a couple scenes, I don't think I've ever laughed that hard in any movie, but this. Everything in this movie seemed flawed...from the writing to the casting. Oh and here's something else that ticked me off...how can you cast someone as brilliant as Michael Caine into the role of a genius father figure and give him such horrible dialogue. WORLDSTARHIPHOP 16,436,783 views It’s the WITN news experience you’ve waited for! Who is getting paid to write the reviews for this movie. Best of C.D. I turned the movie off half way through. 12 of 17 people found this review helpful. Needless to say I even think less now than I did before of Cage and put him right there with the likes of Keanu Reeves. Find all the latest news and weather headlines at witn.com! By the ending; we do get a defining point, and while Gore Verbinski hammers it home a little too hard for it to be as effective as it could have been; it's a good point and gives credence to a thoroughly enjoyable little film. Updated: 2 hours ago. It is a cup that is most likely filled with residue from soda and it has the words BIG GULP printed so large on the side that Stevie Wonder could read it! Through its protagonist, we encounter daily frustrations of every type, from conjugal discord to simple dissatisfaction's with our everyday existence. An angel on Earth, a doctor unable to believe, a patient with a secret, a love story made in Heaven. If this is what's needed to draw people into the theaters then it's time to quit making movies. THIS MOVIE IS SIMPLY THE BIGGEST PIECE OF CRAP I HAVE EVER SEEN. The brilliant direction of Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean) and the writing of Steve Conrad mix perfectly in this comedy/drama. This is not just a comedy, but is a study of the importance of family, and an overlying existential questioning of what our lives are all about. THE WEATHER MAN was so poorly promoted when it hit the theaters that it seemed like it was going to be one of those asinine food throwing slapstick comedies instead of the very serious examination of contemporary life in the big cities, or even more about the struggle of a disillusioned man who cannot find a balance between business success and family/marital failure, it is. Nicholas Cage, who wants desperately to be liked, loved, and admired by his family members, gets - and deserves - none of the above. 3,06 (1108) 1108 stemmen . The plot focuses on the difference between one man's personal and working life. With Nicolas Cage, Hope Davis, Nicholas Hoult, Michael Caine. 15,300 talking about this. Sports. Here it is: The Weather Man, the new film directed by Gore Verbinski and written by Steve Conrad, is the most relentlessly pessimistic mainstream American film that I have ever seen. So Close. 50+ videos Play all Mix - Weather man YouTube The Game "Pest Control" (Meek Mill Diss) (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video) - Duration: 7:47. This movie made me so frustrated because it was so bad. They're going to find it shockingly hilarious or just plain shocking. Morehead City man shares story after heater burns down house “I ain’t got nothing,” he said, pointing to his outfit. CRAVEN COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) - An SBI investigation is underway after a man died inside of a county jail. Greetings again from the darkness. Join Facebook to connect with Jim Howard Witn and others you may know. WITN Weather App. Language: English Location: United States Yes it is and you could also argue that it is a clever one (especially after having seen the trailer) ... but that is also one of the weaknesses of this movie ... it never really fulfills your expectations that you might have (if you have the same as I did), which is to see a cleverly knitted commentary on our society and family life! The Weather Man is een Amerikaanse komedie-dramafilm uit 2005, geregisseerd door Gore Verbinski en geschreven door Steve Conrad, met in de hoofdrol Nicolas Cage. FAQ Get a sneak peek of the new version of this page. .......................................,...............from Pasto,Colombia...Via: L.A. Today's weather forecast - heavy showers of crap. It pays almost $300 Grand a year, and you can afford a nice apartment and a mansion for your beautiful blonde ex-wife and your two estranged children. Has our society really reached the point where we can constantly accept mediocre garbage as a substitute for thought-provoking entertainment? It seems to be telling us that over time you become a shell of the person you once were and a pathetic, ever decreasing fraction of the person you one day hoped to be. Greenville, NC 27858 252-439-7777. The soundtrack was recorded by Hans Zimmer and was never released on any site, store, or for download. Like almost every other human being, Spritz is unable to come to grips with the stark reality that the dark clouds constantly present in his life are creations of his own device. A hitman who's in Bangkok to pull off a series of jobs violates his personal code when he falls for a local woman and bonds with his errand boy. The cusp of the dreaded mid-life crisis. In order to drive home the fact that David often walks rather aimlessly through life, it isn't indispensable to permit the film to meander and lose its focus for a few minutes as well! The Weather Man (2005) mijn stem. Gore Verbinski I hope you read this because the cut to a 12 year old girl's "cameltoe" and then the superimposed real life camel toe was absolutely ridiculous. The movie is excellent. Being the weatherman appears to be a great job. Directed by Gore Verbinski. ECU Sports. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?! Yeah yeah, I get it, film snobs. then watch this movie. A Chicago weather man, separated from his wife and children, debates whether professional and personal success are mutually exclusive. De film werd op 28 oktober 2005 uitgebracht in de Verenigde Staten. A Las Vegas magician who can see into the future is pursued by FBI agents seeking to use his abilities to prevent a nuclear terrorist attack. The acting is amazing and I think Nicolas Cage as David Spritz, should be nominated for an Oscar. Hurricane. Jim Howard Witn is on Facebook. In reality, it is a dark, scathing satire of American values. Where should I start – its not funny at all. Prime Video has you covered this holiday season with movies for the family. Catch news, sports, and weather anywhere with the WITN app for Android. I don't want to accidentally write a spoiler by adding too many details, but divorce, messed up kids, father in bad health, ex-wife hating him...man I need a shot in the arm after this movie. Weatherman, a member of Weather Underground, an American left-wing organization active 1969–1977; Weather forecaster, a scientist who forecasts the weather; Weather presenter, a presenter of weather forecasts on television or radio; People. David Spritz (Nicolas Cage) is a divorced meteorologist who has attained considerable success on a professional level, but whose personal life, despite his perpetual fantasies to the contrary, is an explosive and unmitigated disaster.As the perturbed and ever-reflexive protagonist, Nicolas Cage (National Treasure, Lord of War) positions himself in the eye of his own tormented life, and is likewise the title character of the film. CA., CALI, COLOMBIA and ORLANDO, FL. I loved it and found it hilarious, but I'm not easily offended (I do a show with Jegar, how can anything offend me?). Bales's Joking Insults Better Than "Big Nose"? Was this review helpful to you? View production, box office, & company info. Use the HTML below. Hooray for big budgeted horribly done movies. WITN-TV 768 views. Summary: A middle aged weather man with a failing family life, sick parent and dull job copes with his life and aspires to move to a national TV show. Lynnette Taylor-Witn Dave Jordan Witn WITN Anna Phillips CB Cotton WITN Elizabeth Bateson WITN Matt Engelbrecht Stacia Strong WITN Edward Sheehy WITN Gerelateerde video's The Weather Channel and weather.com provide a national and local weather forecast for cities, as well as weather radar, report and hurricane coverage But in his private life, he's estranged from his wife; his kids aren't exactly top of the class and just to top it all off, every time he steps onto the street, fast food gets thrown at him! The previews made it appear as though it would have a dry witty sense of humor about it. | JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WITN) - Police are investigating a case of indecent exposure at an Eastern Carolina Dicks Sporting Goods store. No resolution? I'm questioning my own sanity if everyone else liked this movie and I didn't. This icon serves as a link to download the eSSENTIAL Accessibility assistive technology app for individuals with physical disabilities. Error: Embedded data could not be displayed. 8* STARS*…...ENJOY/DISFRUTELA! Please beware, if you're looking for a feel-good (or even a good movie), man...this just ain't it. WGN-TV Studios - 2501 West Bradley Place, Chicago, Illinois, USA, Kumar Mobiliengesellschaft mbH & Co. Projekt Nr. A shady police detective finds himself in the middle of a murder conspiracy at an important boxing match in an Atlantic City casino. I'm sorry to the thousands of people who voted this movie a really good movie. Metacritic Reviews. It's an homage to melancholic French film noir, with lots of drab snow and blue filtered lenses. Not even confrontation? I highly recommend it for men and women alike. However, what unfolds is a long depressing film with very little content. Even in a movie as imbalanced as Martin Scorsese's ''Bringing Out the Dead," Cage's depression soulfully complemented Scorsese's mania. Despite being loathed and loved by the local masses, Dave is a guy who doesn't seem to have it all together, and in this movie, he begins to feel it. She buys cigarettes, the father sees them in her bag and the point is never touched on again. Cage is questioning his personal and professional success? This doesn't happen as a result of some huge disaster or tragic mistake, no, this happens as a result of hundreds of minuscule failures every day. For instance, Michael Caine, who plays Robert Spritz, tells his son David Spritz (played by Nicolas Cage) that David's daughter is getting teased at school and called "Camel Toe". The Weather Man Whether it’s severe weather or sports scores, the WITN app for Android keeps you in-the-know while you’re on the go! When a movie is driven by the main character being hit with food and a 12 year old girl's cameltoe you should definitely save your time and money and STEER CLEAR OF THIS MOVIE. There, he meets and forms an uneasy friendship and non-interference pact with prostitute Sera. All of the humor in the preview is the sum of the humor in the movie - all the good lines are there. An excellent comedy that has a lot to weather. It had a feeling like the director and the writer were just being smug by putting together a story of someone so mundane and self-centered that they could pass this off as dark comedy. ACC. How in the world it received a 7.0 AND Ebert & Roper gave it two thumbs up is beyond me. A fast-lane investment broker, offered the opportunity to see how the other half lives, wakes up to find that his sports car and girlfriend have become a mini-van and wife. Your Breaking News and Weather Authority. Not the case. To start on a positive note, I have to admire the honesty of the writer and director in portraying the main character as unattractively as this. An arms dealer confronts the morality of his work as he is being chased by an INTERPOL Agent. This is another one of those Hollywood movies that thinks that by showing a man (Cage) who is self-centered and pretty much a moron with a touch of darkness(ie:Sideways) the movie is reaching to the more intelligent audience. A look at tonight’s weather with an update from Meteorologist Phillip Williams as we track thunderstorms moving across the east. Although still very good at presenting issues normally not seen on film, director Gore Verbinski ("Pirates of the Caribbean" "The Ring") falls just short of making a very powerful statement. Written by An attractive job offer presents Dave with a major question: to pursue his career in New York City, or to remain at home with his family. Whether it’s breaking news or severe weather, the WITN app for iPhone/iPad keeps you … At first, it would seem that The Weather Man doesn't have a point to make. WITN 275 E. Arlington Blvd. The song Wweather Man from the movie The Weather Man. This Is The Place - WITN - Eastern North Carolina's Breaking News & Weather Authority - Duration: 1:01. This FAQ is empty. The Weather Man finds Nicolas Cage in a self-pitying mood. 5.4K likes. Overall, an excellent comedy that has a great message to show and should be viewed by everyone. Take a look at the film and television career of Alexander Skarsgård. Alternately hilarious and dark, with misleading marketing, Nicolas Cage is Amazing in Verbinski's Flawed Masterpiece, Looking inside your heart and predicting your future, Austin Movie Show review (dark, unconventional, but great), Best movie of 2005 so far; Meaningful without being weepy, The Weather Man: The Unpredictable and The Grayness of Being Human, Wholey pessimistic, yet somehow profound and engaging. EndZone. Can someone please explain to me how an American husband and wife raise two children...but one has a British accent? We follow David Spritz as his life falls apart around him, and it would seem like that's all the film is. Jacksonville police this … On a side note... Verbinski's works are diverse, fun, and interesting, and this is no exception. Catch news, sports, and weather anywhere with the WITN app for iPhone. It looked like another of those "Light" comedies, which usually just aren't that good. Wow!..Sometimes Hollywood marketing teams are so utterly clueless! In fact it's embarrassing when they resort to trying to make jokes about camel toes (with many accompanying pictures flashed on the screen for those that don't know what it is), or BJs (which they can't stop at that, but must inform the audience that a BJ is when you put a C*** in your m****). I'm not sure. mystic80. At work, he is a successful weather man, who's been headhunted by a bigger network. This film was a major disappointment. I saw a screening of this tonight, and I was very impressed. Maybe it isn't all about the resolution? Not only is this film depressing, vulgar, and tasteless - it is also very long. 8.1K Views. I felt sorry for the editors that had to draw out scenes in to oblivion because the source material they were dealing with was such crap. It was just sooooo stupid! Not only can these villains recognize Dave Spritz by the back of his head and nail him with food (in a shameless effort to divert eyes away from looking at our watches), these villains are superhuman enough to see Spritz sitting in his car with the window down and accurately throw a big gulp through the window and hit him. Nor do I believe that the constant, non-stop profanity to be consistent with the characters nor with the overall tone of the film. WITN 7 Doppler Radar : Error: Embedded data could not be displayed. They are clearly the consequence of his own actions and his particularly obstinate way of being and not merely products of some uncontrollable, mystical fate.While growing up, young David always loomed in the shadow of his famous Pulitzer-Prize winning father, Robert Spritz, played masterfully by Michael Caine. User Ratings Even the brilliance of Michael Caine could not save this one. This movie was a great piece of social commentary on the emptiness of our current American culture. This app is ad supported. ... Goldsboro man faces attempted first-degree murder charge after shooting. In this case, the trailer shown on TV and the film projected in the theater had absolutely nothing in common with one another!Director Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean, The Ring) has given us a film that at first glance seems simple enough, but which ends up being as absolutely unpredictable as the science of meteorology itself. This viewer almost ignored it completely - until the DVD. There is really no reason to watch this movie. Oh, I understand it all right. Weatherman or Weather man may refer to: Professions or roles. Via recommendations from a few of my students, I decided to check it out. There were many instances where I was the only person laughing in the theater. THE WEATHER MAN was so poorly promoted when it hit the theaters that it seemed like it was going to be one of those asinine food throwing slapstick comedies instead of the very serious examination of contemporary life in the big cities, or even more about the struggle of a disillusioned man who cannot find a balance between business success and family/marital failure, it is. We are streaming Jim's forecast on Facebook. I can already tell that people are going to have very strong reactions to The Weather Man. CA., CALI, COLOMBIA and ORLANDO, FL***** May Contain a Couple MINOR Spoilers ***** The TV promo trailer for "The Weather Man" did nothing to capture my interest. A phobic con artist and his protégé are on the verge of pulling off a lucrative swindle when the former's teenage daughter arrives unexpectedly. A lesser, more conventional movie would have gotten to the midpoint by showing that Dave Spritz - misunderstood but virtuous and likable - solving a problem by some ingenious means, with the rest of the movie devoted to showing his newly-acquired respect from Dad, ex-wife, and kids. I have wasted enough of my life watching it and really don't want to waste your time talking about it anymore. Dave Spritz is a local weatherman in his home town of Chicago, where his career is going well, while his personal life, his relationship with his perfectionist writer father, his neurotic ex-wife, and his now-separated children, is spiralling downward. Any comments, questions, or observations, in English or Español, are most welcome! Nicholas Cage might not have the extended range of performers like Penn or Brando, but he does competent work here. I've searched my memory for something to disprove it, but I can't think of anything. Scores. As you might imagine, this is excruciating to watch. Thankfully Hollywood has made a movie that values our integrity and intelligence. The Weather Man laat ons op scherpe doch subtiele wijze zien wat er schort aan onze fastfood-maatschappij, waarin de weerman dient als uitvergroting van onze eigen oppervlakkigheid en stuurloosheid. The station is owned by Gray Television.WITN-TV's studios are located on East Arlington Boulevard in Greenville, and its transmitter is located in Grifton Township along NC 118 I've thought long and hard before saying what I'm about to say. You will squander potential and become incapable of giving meaningful love to anyone that you care about. Dave Spritz is a local weatherman in his home town of Chicago, where his career is going well, while his personal life, his relationship with his perfectionist writer father, his neurotic ex-wife, and his now-separated children, is spiralling downward. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. People are either going to love it or hate it. WITN Weather App; Matt’s Forecast: Wet weather returns Wednesday Our second area of low pressure for the week arrives Wednesday. Gear up for Stephen King's upcoming adaptation with a look at some of our favorite photos from "The Stand," starring Whoopi Goldberg and Alexander Skarsgård. Rated R for strong language and sexual content, AMC Orders Stop-Motion Dramedy From ‘Patriot’ Creator, ‘Robot Chicken’ Producers, Hulu Added Over 130 New Movies Today To Kick Off July, ‘Wonder’ Scribe to Pen Film About 8-Year-Old Chess Prodigy From Paramount and Trevor Noah (Exclusive). This world-renowned author and genius father of David Spritz sits in the weatherman's car, picks up a cup and gives the line, "What's this?" The Weather Man is a 2005 American comedy-drama film directed by Gore Verbinski, written by Steve Conrad, and starring Nicolas Cage, Michael Caine and Hope Davis. Closings & Delays. I am very disappointed that I wasted $10 and 2 hours of my life watching this movie. It is weak, thin, very dry, and most of the time it DOES NOT MAKE SENSE! Although it has a high amount of hilarious scenes, the movie is pretty serious and at a point, quite depressing. Add the first question. Two Port Authority police officers become trapped under the rubble of the World Trade Center. I found it all absurdly hilarious, but I don't think many of the grey-haired audience shared my sentiments. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? It is like a funeral. The comedy is quite raunchy, the tone is bleak, and the story is anything but formulaic, throwing industry conventions right out the window, which leads to a film that's more believable than most. The dialogue in this movie is just like the plot. The one highlight in the film is the Spongebob Balloon drifting by the hotel window that cage is staying in. Cage delivers a great performance as usual, and the father-son relationship between Cage and Caine was authentic and balanced. I know life is rough, but Cage epitomizes this by constantly running into one brick wall after another. David Spritz is a Chicago weatherman who is highly successful with his job but outside of his professional life he is a wreck, with his father that is diagnosed with cancer, his wife on the verge of being engaged with another man, and his kids growing up without him. Cage in a funk was good for ''Leaving Las Vegas" and ''Adaptation." WITN Weather App. Phillip Williams Witn. Title: Social commentary? It’s the Eastern Carolina news experience you’ve waited for! This is painfully close to being a great film. This is high art. ... WITN… David's disconnect is that he fantasizes that love and affection from his loved ones is linked directly to his level of professional success and recognition.The Weather Man, despite being a great European style film, suffers from some excesses. Wednesday. Phillip Williams is a television meteorologist for WITN in Greenville, NC. Oh and while I am complaining about the logistics of the movie: why was a plot point of Nicholas Cage's daughter being a smoker introduced? Ohhhh I know what you avant-garde cinema heads are thinking...maybe that is the point, right? A Chicago weather man, separated from his wife and children, debates whether professional and personal success are mutually exclusive. "You just don't understand tragic comedy," some of you may suggest. Het is een originele insteek en het werkt. Ben Sanderson, a Hollywood screenwriter who lost everything because of his alcoholism, arrives in Las Vegas to drink himself to death. The film was released on October 28, … You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. The marketing likely scared away a lot of people who would enjoy the film, while attracting an audience who was presented with something unexpected and perhaps uncomfortable. Nothing like sitting down to watch a movie with my family and feeling so embarrassed that I had to get up and leave the room. But in creating one of bleakest portraits of contemporary American life you will ever see, Gore Verbinski also creates a film that is shockingly humane, funny, and beautiful. But then various shots of camel toes pop up on the screen to illustrate this phenomenon to anyone in the audience who's unfamiliar with the concept. .......................................,...............from Pasto,Colombia...Via: L.A. (2005). ... Williamston man arrested in connection to multiple gas station robberies. Weather Maps. He earns our sympathy and our attention with some of the best work he has done recently. The realization that life sucks either because you've removed the rose colored glasses or because you've been hit by one of life's ice balls. It is pitiful and very painful to watch. Similarly, David leaves a lot to be desired in the area of warm and communicative interaction with all the important people in his life: His son, daughter, and of course, his ex- wife. Back to logistics, how exactly do these people throwing things at the weatherman have such great accuracy? Want laten we de weerman eens bekijken. ‎The WITN Weather App includes: • Access to station content specifically for our mobile users • 250 meter radar, the highest resolution available • High resolution satellite cloud imagery • Future radar to see where severe weather is headed • Current weather updated multiple times per… Share content by email, text, Twitter or Facebook. Despite being loathed and loved by the local masses, Dave is a guy who doesn't seem to have it all together, and in this movie, he begins to feel it. External Reviews ... WITN; 275 E. Arlington Blvd. When I first saw the advertisements for "The Weather Man", it seemed like the movie was going to be another formulaic, feel good Hollywood redemption tale. The Staccatos Half Past Midnight: The Staccatos And Beyond ℗ 1967 Capitol Records, … I highly recommend it. | Share content by email, text, Twitter or Facebook. Why a movie about something everyone knows? Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean X3, The Ring, The Mexican) has an uncanny way of moving strange characters through bizarre plots while maintaining our interest and our empathy. This is a pretty big change of pace from the big budgeted kids' films that Verbinski has been making recently, and his approach to this far more low key film is sombre and relaxed, and The Weather Man benefits from that. I thought this was such a horribly done movie. This is one of his finest performances. Meandering story line that goes nowhere. I'm quite sure this is absolutely the worse film in the history of movie making. Now that I've met my 10 line minimum to make a posting, I'll close with THIS MOVIE IS SIMPLY THE BIGGEST PIECE OF CRAP I HAVE EVER SEEN. Verenigde Staten / Duitsland Drama / Komedie 102 minuten geregisseerd door Gore Verbinski met Nicolas Cage, Michael Caine en Hope Davis Dave Spritz is een succesvolle weerman in Chicago. The Weather Man gives him license to drift for nearly two hours like a parade float. WITN-TV, virtual channel 7 (UHF digital channel 34), is an NBC-affiliated television station licensed to Washington, North Carolina, United States and serving Eastern North Carolina's Inner Banks region. Egotistical self-centered rubbish with little redeeming value. 1:01. I do not want to put any spoilers in here so more people will read this and hopefully never go to this heap of garbage. This is the sort of film that has you checking your watch after only 30 minutes. Well I think it is pointless and boring. I left the theatre before the movie got to the scene where the son's counselor raped him - child pornography – funny stuff. Here is a film showing us that life is beautiful but challenging and requires a little bit of work to move through. I know that's terrible, but jeesh I couldn't take any more! An attractive job offer presents Dave with a major question: to pursue his career in New York City, or to remain at home with his family. A private investigator is hired to discover if a "snuff film" is authentic or not. It seems that communication between father and son was never really what it should have been. Two U.S. Marines in World War II are assigned to protect Navajo Marines, who use their native language as an unbreakable radio cypher. To be truthful, my wife and I watched 3/4 of this movie and HAD to turn it off. Sports Spotlight. However, I have to talk about this movie for 10 lines or they won't publish my response. Terence McDonagh is a drug- and gambling-addled detective in post-Katrina New Orleans investigating the killing of five Senegalese immigrants. There are at least two hours of my life that I will never get back. Here are some of our picks to get you in the spirit. In the past, this would have been happy news. Spiralling downwards, his life is approaching collapse; and he must choose between his family and a big salary in New York. While at the point where you still believe in happy endings and hold on to the possibility that if one good thing happens everything else will fall into place. Those movies gave Cage an opportunity to be inventive and inspired. 2 KG. Not a family movie. Awards | It tells the story of a weatherman in the midst of a mid-life crisis. It seems sad to me that when you have such an incredibly high caliber of actors and actresses (Nicolas Cage) that you can produce such garbage as this. | The film takes too many of its cues from Dave's (Cage) depression.