Joe Rogan on the benefits of CBD

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Comedian, CBD and Cannabis enthusiast Joe Rogan speaks with retired kickboxer Joseph Valtellini over the benefits of CBD use in this video. The conversation starts with Joseph mentioning to Joe how CBD has helped him recover after a fight. As a retired Muay Thai kickboxer, recovery has always been difficult but CBD’s benefits have helped him immensely.

How does CBD help athletes recover?

Here is a quick run-through of how CBD has helped Joseph:

  • Acting as a replacement to Percocet and muscle relaxers.
  • Replaced ibuprofen and Advil for headaches.
  • Increased appetite.
  • Better sleep.

What other benefits does CBD have?

Other CBD benefits mentioned in the video include:

  • Helps against inflammation
  • Helps with chronic arthritis
  • Helps treat cancer.

Watch the video below and begin implementing CBD into your life. Better health and wellbeing starts here.

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